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However, the selection committee reserves the right to stop reading any applications that are heinously over the word limit. Yes, with a caveat: though we do not consider genre novels and literary novels mutually exclusive, consider that if accepted to the workshop, you would be exchanging ideas with 9 other authors who probably write fiction outside your given genre. Yes, if you feel it is the work that best represents you as a writer.

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However, please submit them in manuscript format. Any actual book copies will be discarded. No; the Stegner fellowship program focuses on English fiction and poetry. Additionally, workshops and readings held as part of the program are only conducted in English. I write both poetry and fiction, can I apply to both categories in the same year?

The program has changed its policy and will no longer accept applications in both categories from the same person. Can I submit two fiction applications or two poetry applications in the same year? If you are applying online, you can pay by credit card. If you are applying by mail, you can pay by international money order. Failing those options, Western Union will draft international money orders.

One of these options should be available in every country. Also, if you have relatives living in the U. We cannot accept credit cards or cash by mail.

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When you apply online you will receive electronic confirmation that your application was submitted. Contact us right away if you do not receive an emailed confirmation within a day or so. For mailed applications, due to the volume we receive there is no way we can check; please do not ask us this. If you need reassurance, use a delivery confirmation service or include a self-addressed, stamped postcard with your application.

Please make sure your application is ready and complete before you submit it. Please do not contact us to let us know one of your manuscripts has been published or received an award; this information will not have any bearing on our decision.

Manuscripts are read thoroughly by a committee of our faculty. The committee members then discuss the merits of the manuscripts they consider the most suitable for the fellowship, reread several of them and pass them along to other committee members, and eventually reach a consensus on five applicants in each category. Note that the manuscript is by far the most important part of the application, followed by the statement of plans; the information requested on the application form itself is essentially for biography. The best advice we can give is to seek the advice of other writers when preparing your manuscript.

The statement of plans is helpful to the selection committee because it helps give them a sense of why you are applying for the Stegner Fellowship. The prompt is intentionally open-ended.

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The statement may not exceed words and most applicants submit one to two pages. All applicants will be notified of their status in April. Please do not contact us before then asking about your application, unless you want to notify us of a change in your contact information. No, please do not ask us. Our notifications are strictly boolean. We never release feedback. Please understand that this is the only way we can keep our application fee reasonable considering the tremendous volume of applications we receive.

We do not necessarily contact recommenders of successful applicants at all, and if we do we may do so at any time; please do not try to use your recommenders to gauge the status of your application.

Creative Writing Courses

Fellowships are offered specifically for the following two academic years and may not be postponed; we want candidates to be serious about their intention to come to Stanford. If we are unable to award you a fellowship this year, it should not be taken as a prohibition of your reapplying; we look forward to following your growth as a writer.

Many past Stegner Fellows applied more than once. No, we cannot provide any comments on manuscripts or on applications submitted, due to the extremely large volume we receive.

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Skip to content Skip to navigation. Creative Writing Program. Search form Search. Wallace Stegner Fellowship Unique among writing programs, Stanford offers ten two-year fellowships each year, five in fiction and five in poetry. To be a Stegner Fellow: we do not require any degrees or tests for admission no school of writing is favored over any other chronological age is not a consideration Fellowships include a living stipend. Please disregard for only What is the application fee?

Do you grant fee waivers? Can you help me choose which of my works to submit? Submit whatever work you feel best represents you as a writer. Is publication required for submission of an application? What academic prerequisites are required? Do I need to take the GRE? Do I need to have letters of recommendation or transcripts sent?

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  4. How should the manuscript be formatted? Do my recommenders need to be professors or teachers who know my writing? What is the word limit for my manuscript? My fiction manuscript is 9, words; do I have to cut any of it?


    It also helped that my fellow classmates and instructor encouraged me to keep at it. I was previously always too shy to write and read out what I had written.

    I found this class to be exactly what I needed. It provided me with that gentle push… to look into writing seriously. I got a lot of encouragement and all feedback was constructive. The in-class exercises were very helpful and I definitely see myself being more open to sharing my work now. I started out wanting to improve my business writing, but ended up really enjoying exploring creative writing. Exercises helped me understand how to come up with a story.

    All the writing exercises and assignments were extremely insightful and made me push my boundaries and think outside the box. The class was very insightful; it was exactly what I had hoped a writing class to be and more. It was very enjoyable and I looked forward to it every time I came. Cost Cash only. Payable before each class. However, these classes are only for writers aged 17 or older.